Veils of the Morning

Veils of the Morning. 20 x 32. Oil on linen.

Veils of the Morning. 20 x 32. Oil on linen.


"Veils of the Morning" is drying on the ledge in my studio by the large north light windows as I write. The inspiration for the painting came from a poem by William Butler Yeats, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," and a trip to the Guadalupe River early one cloudy morning. My husband and I got our coffee, bundled up in thick sweaters and went walking by the river around dawn, losing ourselves in the sights and sounds of the green reflections of the cypress trees in the slow moving water.

In this painting, I have tried to eliminate unessential detail, something a poet tries to do.  I have often heard artists say that what you leave out is more important than what you put in to a composition. Gone are the light poles and the concrete steps to the river, and all the other things that do not add to what I am trying to convey--the quiet simplicity of the jade green water. As an artist, I have always loved "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening," by  American poet, Robert Frost. The image of the mysterious woods filling up with snow and the sound of the shake of harness bells always speak to me, but I don't know exactly where the woods are or the date the ride occurred. While those things would matter greatly to a journalist, they do not matter to the poet. Instead with only a few carefully chosen details, the painter or writer leaves space for us to respond, ponder, or imagine. We are allowed to remember our own walks by the river at dawn or the quiet beauty of fresh snow in a field at twilight. As a painter I strive to be the poet, not the journalist.

I greatly appreciate your allowing me to share my work and thoughts with you.

Best wishes for a beautiful Christmas filled with peace and true joys.